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You're the Hunter! Your objective is to find and kill the Monster lurking amongst the citizens. To spot it, shine your flashlight to reveal his true shadow and finish him with your rifle before he transforms into his true, stronger form! 

Collect batteries scattered across the map to recharge your flashlight.

You're the Monster! Your objective is to sneak up to the unsuspecting Hunter and claw him to death before he has a chance to retaliate. You start in a powerless Citizen form, where you have to blend in with the other NPCs. Once your Monster Form gauge is ready, you have access to a temporary, strong transformation where you can mangle your opponent with your claws, and dash towards him to close the distance.

Dashes while in Monster Form are limited; use them wisely!

Install instructions

Works in LAN Only, one must press play to be the host the other need to press find, once both players press ready the game will start.


ShadowHunt.zip 493 MB

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